PGI Piedmont hazelnuts and Semi-finished products for ice cream shops, pastry shops, restaurants and food industries.

Il Nocciolaio - Nocciole Piemonte IGP

PGI Piedmont hazelnuts from the Langhe

testata nocciole

Whole PGI hazelnuts in shell 5KG

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The whole PGI Piedmont hazelnuts from the Langhe in shell represent the true raw material of "Il Nocciolaio".

After harvesting, a cleaning system removes foreign bodies and discards the empty hazelnuts.
They are dried naturally or in a dryer based on the degree of humidity detected at the time of harvesting.

Whole shelled hazelnuts are stored in mesh containers to ensure good ventilation and prevent the formation of mould and aflatoxins.

Recommendations for use:

  • Direct consumption
  • Gifts

Available sizes:

  • Jute bag starting from 5 kg

Fresh hazelnuts

Our hazelnuts are sold exclusively by and no later than the end of the year following the year of harvest, as required by the PGI regulations


Average nutritional values per 100 grams:

ENERGY  639 kcal / 2640 kj 
 of which sugars  3.6 g
 FATS 60 g
of which saturated fatty acids  5 g
 SALT 0.00 g