PGI Piedmont hazelnuts and Semi-finished products for ice cream shops, pastry shops, restaurants and food industries.

Il Nocciolaio - Nocciole Piemonte IGP

PGI Piedmont hazelnuts from the Langhe

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Why the Piedmont hazelnuts PGI from the Langhe?

Piedmont hazelnuts PGI from the Langhe (tonda gentile trilobata) are universally recognised as the best in the world thanks to a combination of unique features:

  • spheroidal shape of the seed
  • excellent flavour and aroma after roasting
  • high peelability
  • good shelf life

The hazelnuts and semi-finished products of Il Nocciolaio Farm are dedicated to professional customers in the food sector who strive for the absolute quality of their finished product.

The PGI Piedmont hazelnuts from the Langhe that we cultivate and transform are ideal for direct consumption, for use in restaurants, bakery products, confectionery and food industries, for confectionery purposes and as pre-packaged mixes for ice cream parlours.

Why il Nocciolaio Farm hazelnuts?

Il Nocciolaio is distinguished by an exclusive processing method:

the hazelnuts are best preserved in their shell and for this reason we decided to shell them and process them only when an order is placed to ensure maximum freshness.

With this processing method, it is also possible to request a custom level of roasting.

The range includes:

hazelnuts in shell, raw shelled hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts, chopped hazelnuts, raw and roasted hazelnut flour, 100% pure hazelnut paste, hazelnut and cocoa cream.

All our hazelnuts and semi-finished products boast the "Piedmont Hazelnut PGI from the Langhe" certification.